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Mobility Tracking is world’s leading innovative GPS tracking platform

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Mobility Tracking is world’s leading innovative GPS tracking platform to run and manage fleet operations with ease.We can track any types of fleet vehicles like car, truck, bus, bike, etc.

It is useful and intelligent vehicle tracking software which is designed for all types of fleet industries like small, big, private or commercial. Our services include extensive fleet management solution,driver behavior monitoring and theft prevention with special custom designed reports to assess individual vehicle performance at the end of the month. Mobility Tracking GPS device is leading telematics devices with in build internal memory so we can track vehicle Any Time Any Where with our any delay.

Corporate Cab/Bus Tracking Solution

We provide Corporate Cab/Bus tracking solution to track all the transport details of all the employees in the organisation who are using the company cabs (24/7) for the transportation purpose. Our solution provides real time tracking of cabs/bus and helps company transport admin to schedule pick-ups / drops, plan & associate routes with geographic regions and also assign the shortest possible route for the employee pick-up and drop locations which would minimize the fuel costs. Our tracking software has unlimited Geo Fencing , Distance Traveled Report ,Idling Report, Trip Reports ,Stoppage Report , Speed Report, Hub to Hub report.

Tracking Solutions For Sugar Factory

We provide tracking solution to track all vehicles and tractor of Sugar Factory. Our Solution includes real time tracking of tractor so sugar factory can schedule production of sugar. Sugar factory can get distance report so they can minimize cost of sugarcane transport. Sugar factory transport admin can create unlimited Geo Fencing with the help of it they can get information of sugar cane cutting in each gat. Trip report provides details of each trip. Hub to hub report get details of when tractor started from its source and when it reach its destination.

Tracking Solutions For Ambulance

Ambulance service also called as ‘Mobile-Hospitals’ can play a vital role in saving one’s life. We provide tracking solutions to Ambulance Services so when hospital gets a call for emergency ambulance service , the manager can assign ambulance which is nearest to the location of emergency. Garbage collection is one of the essential service which operate in many cities for collecting garbage from streets , areas etc.



Major features listed here

Live Tracking

Real Time Location Tracking

Live Alerts

Vehicle Start/Stop , overspeeding, geofence entry and exit , idling , power cut , emergency alert.

Trip Playback

90 Days trip history with playback.

Share Live Location/Trip

Share vehicle current location and trip with friends, clients & more.


Travel Summary , Trip Details, Distance , Stoppage , Geofence , Mileage , Temperature and many more customise reports.


Document wallet and servicing history

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